Why Do I Need Custom Binders?

With all the technology and instant information available on the internet, some companies have adopted the attitude that they have a current and detailed website, therefore they no longer need custom binders in the field. In reality, this mindset actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

You can have a beautiful, highly functional website but you can’t force people to go to it. Custom binders are an advertising item that will keep your company name in front of potential customers …every day! An imprinted binder with your company name on it is a mini billboard in the customers’ bookshelf. Having your custom binder there WILL help drive traffic to your website. Also, for your customers that require the tactile feedback of page turning, your company and product info should be in the binder as text and sell sheets in a well-organized and user-friendly format. Having your company binder in the client bookshelf is also a reason for the salesman to stop in periodically and “update” the contents. While at the customer location, it’s also an opportunity for the salesman to introduce himself to new employees, build customer rapport, demo new products, leave samples, get feedback & ask for orders.

The custom company binder, website and field salesman should be all working together to promote customer inquiries and help increase sales.